Kundalini Yoga Teacher / Gong Practitioner

Camilla is a Kundalini yoga Teacher (KRI Level 1) and Gong Practitioner from Sweden. 

She is humble, kind and devoted Kundalini yogi who teaches with a sense of humour and a great sense of acceptance - everyone is welcome. Love to share the teachings and to give relaxation by the sound of the gong.

Before I started with Kundalini yoga I suffered from anxiety. When I was a child I was very lonely and have always felt like I`m not fitting in this world. When I came across Kundalini yoga I suddenly found my community! As a Highly Sensitive Person it's easy to feel lonely and a little bit lost, but Kundalini yoga helps to reduce the feeling of loneliness and anxiety. It is also much easier to accept that I am who I am and that it is okay to be me! 

My mother suffered from Alzheimer's for some years before she passed away so I'm very interested in research and prevention for Alzheimer's. Some research has been done (and is still going on) with meditations and especially Kirtan Kriya and some amazing results have been seen in the brain when you do this meditation. 

I have a passion for mental and physical health and love to share the teachings to help people.

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